Welcome Enid Arvelo

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A wedding is one big day where photography carries joy into the future.”

We are beyond excited to announce a new member of our photography team in 2019, the fabulously talented, Enid Arvelo! We are thrilled for the heartfelt photojournalism and true life wedding imagery that Enid brings to the table. With her talent, we now have the opportunity to provide our quality experience and service to more couples in Maine, Boston, and throughout New England. We know you’ll love her and her work as much as we do! Originally from Puerto Rico, Enid’s photographic career has taken her to New York, Boston, Alaska, and now Maine. Learn a little more about Enid’s approach to delivering her clients unforgettable imagery:

What is the impact photography can have on a couple and their family?

Documenting real emotions will impact couples and their families for the rest of their lives. A wedding is one big day where photography carries joy into the future, and the photographs will let you relive the moment again and again. Classic and thoughtful photography, to me, is what moves me to be creative. I have been married for nineteen years and I do not have beautiful photographs of my wedding. I’ll never let that happen to my clients. When I am photographing a wedding, I am thinking, “What is it they will want to remember in 20 years? What is it they will want to see?”

How do you build trust with your clients? 

Over the years I have been inspired by the honest and real moments; they make me reflect on my own life. There is nothing more important for me than sharing my personal and professional experience with couples. I am the most grateful person when it comes to being part of a wedding day.

What catches your eye, and inspires you to create your images?

As an artist, I have always felt that every wedding starts like a big blank canvas. The couple and their families bring the true palette in a unique way, through their energy, emotion, and joy, which all catch my eye. I am a strong believer in capturing genuine connections with couples and anticipate emotions that will never be repeated. My heart skips a beat every time I photograph a wedding, no exceptions! That will never get old! I feel that the couple and their family are sharing a little bit of their life with me and that I can connect that photographically to navigate the details and create outstanding images that will reflect their life together.

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