Maine is a special place.  It might be where you grew up, where you spent your summers on the beach with your family, or where you spent your nights roasting marshmallows at camp. It might be where you fell in love.  Maine is a place that you love to  return.  We know it holds a special place in your heart. It sure holds a special place in ours.

Our photography tells love stories through sentimental imagery. It is the family heirloom for the next generation.  Our photography is about you.  It celebrates your relationships through real moments and portraits. Our work reflects the beauty of your true nature.  Our classic style captures who you are today. It stands the test of time.  Your love and emotion is what inspires us to click the shutter. Meaningful photography doesn’t come from a camera; it comes from the heart of the photographer. That never goes out of style.

About Nadra

Nadra Edgerley began her career in photography over 17 years ago in northern California. She graduated from Humboldt State University with a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art.   She has captured hundreds of weddings and thousands of beautiful moments.  Nadra is drawn to the connection between people who love each other most in the world. She combines her fine art background, technical skill and years of experience to bring out the best in others.  The result is beautiful imagery that lasts for generations.  Nadra is not only an accomplished photographer, but a mentor to photographers and small business owners, an educator and speaker on topics of small business and photography.  She lives on the coast of southern Maine with her husband and four children.

About Leigh

Leigh Doran was born in the Green Mountains of Vermont, and grew up in an adventurous family that exposed her to foreign countries at a young age. These early experiences planted the seed for what would become her future career as a photographer, and inspire her interest in the human story. Leigh received her Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She graduated with a concentration in piano. Leigh continued her development in the arts by completing a rigorous film degree at a photography school in North Carolina in 2002. Leigh’s passion for art inspired her interest in telling the human story through photography. In 2008, Leigh returned to her native New England, settling on the beautiful coast of Maine, where she lives with her husband and young son.