Eight Things That Made Meghan Markle & Prince Harry’s Wedding Truly Royal.

Maine wedding royals

Ah, another royal wedding. Enchanting, indeed.

At Nadra Photography, we cover the most classic, gorgeous and elite weddings throughout New England. We see it all on a wedding day. We think these key details made the wedding of Meghan Markle to Prince Harry truly royal.

Lucky for us, many of our couples make their wedding day royal too with:

  1. Personality. Though a formal event, there were smiles and laughs in between the formal happenings of the day. No one was forced to hold their breathe too long. Let people and things breathe a bit. Their details and decor also struck a nice  balanced of tradition and tradition-relaxed. It felt very real, very honest.
  2. Understated and Classic. Though more relaxed than most royal weddings, we still knew we were at a scared occasion. No one object, item or personality took over, over shadowed or stole the spotlight at any point of the day. That’s important too. On every part of your day, don’t be afraid to question, is this too much, is this over the top?
  3. Natural Makeup. Meghan’s makeup was flawless but did not cover up her true self. Why hide the cute tiny freckles she was born with and, likely, Prince Harry adores? Natural is always good.
  4. Attire. Meghan wore a simple, elegant wedding gown. Fashion reporters called it a confident dress. It was not a sexy dress, but it was a beautiful dress, an ­assured statement. The dress was timeless. A bride from 1920 or from 2020 would love it. Timeless over trends— always.
  5. Family Included. Despite some family drama in the week prior, it was so touching that her new father-in-law walked her down the aisle. Meghan borrowed her tiara from the Queen, while her Cartier earrings were new. Again, a balance of new and old but a nod always to the family.
  6. Traditions/Times Honored. We love small pieces either in dress or decor that tell meaningful stories about the couple but do not overshadow the event. For example, Harry was wearing his aviator wings and a medal honoring his service as an Apache helicopter pilot in Afghanistan.
  7. Family Portraits. Formal portraits of family were kept to just six groupings. Even the royals would rather be dancing, drinking and mingling. Though it is important to get these key family photos, subdividing groups endlessly is not necessary or fun for anyone. Simple is good.
  8. Couple’s Portrait. Photographer Alexi Lubomirski, who also shot the couple’s engagement portraits, revealed that he only had “three-and-a-half minutes” to capture some intimate shots with the newlyweds in the rose garden after the daytime reception, according to People. The final piece was a classic black and white, little personality but no one is doing anything over the top, unnatural or goofy.

Congrats to Meghan Markle & Prince Harry. It was an amazing event that, in our opinion, was truly royal. We’d love to photograph your royal wedding too. For a consultation, please get in touch.