Nadra Photography Featured in Real Maine Weddings | January 2017Why The Photographer You Hire For Your Wedding Could Be The Single Most Important Decision You Make

by Nadra Edgerley and Leigh Doran


We’ve heard it before. There are only three things that will remain the morning after your wedding: the rings on your fingers, the relationship with your new spouse, and your photographs. And, we know it is worth hiring a professional photographer to capture this special day in your life—after all, the photographer you choose is the one whose images you will look upon for years to come.

When thinking of which photographer to hire, it turns out, there is a difference between a professional photographer (someone who accepts payment for photography services) and an experienced, quality wedding professional. A professional photographer may have the right equipment and a knowledge of lighting and composition, but an experienced wedding professional will have that…and so much more.

An experienced wedding photographer will know which shots to take to create a well-rounded and complete photographic collection of the entire day’s events. No one wants to get their photos back and feel like something is missing! They know to capture certain “must have shots” without having to be asked.

An experienced wedding professional does more than just take the photographs—they help compliment the wedding day by bringing out the best in you, your family, and friends. They know how to make having your photos taken an enjoyable experience. They have been to hundreds of weddings, and have learned the subtle but important things, like how to pose the bride based on how her hair is styled, or which side to pose the groom so he can shine. They take the time to make sure the dress is in place and that everyone looks their best.

An experienced wedding photographer knows how to take classic portraits that will live on the wall of your family home for the next 100 years. They know when to perform the basics and when to focus on the artistry of the trade. They know how to capture not just the must have images, but the images you don’t yet know you want to have. An experienced, quality wedding professional knows what images are most important and can anticipate priceless moments that are over and gone in an instant.

Photographs are more than just a document of a day—they are a biography of our lives. They help us stay connected to past generations. They enhance our recall of the important events in our lives and shape the stories we tell. Memories will fade over time, and eventually as enough time passes, the photographs you have of an event become your memory of that experience. Poor photography, or wedding photography that is lacking certain essential shots, will tarnish your wedding memories. But great photography will enhance your memories and stand the test of time.

Do yourself the biggest favor of your wedding day by hiring an experienced wedding professional. Your future self will thank you.