ONE-TO-ONE MENTORINGIt’s the choices you make everyday that lead to success!


If you have a DREAM of turning your PASSION into a profitable business…
If want to make a CHANGE, but can’t seem to stop spinning your wheels…
If you are feeling STUCK or overwhelmed and not sure what to do NEXT…
If you question your CHOICES and need a little GUIDANCE…

I can help. As a child I was the old soul, the voice of reason surrounded by others making poor choices. Today I am proof that positive empowered choices made everyday lead to the life I designed, the life I dreamed I could have.  Through one-to-one mentoring you can leverage my 15 years of building and running a successful growing business and all the ups and downs that come with that.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, taking your business and artistry to the next level takes guidance and support. Successful people don’t do it alone, they have advisors, cabinets, coaches and mentors.  Just like any high performing “athlete”, you should hire a coach/mentor.  I am that person.  I can help you clarify your vision, get on track and stay there, hold you accountable to your commitments, give advice when needed and help you make empowered choices to move forward in achieving your goals and dreams.

Will you CHOOSE to take the first step?  Contact me today to set up your complimentary 30 minute discovery call:



“Working with Nadra has taken us into an entirely different sphere with our business. Within the first few meetings it was as though a switch flipped and we were instantly in a different place, from goal setting to confidence boosting and lead generating. Before Nadra we were waiting for the shoe to drop, now we are seeing how high we can throw it. We exceeded our initial goals in a fraction of the set time and have successfully outlined the path we want to be taking. Nadra helps us stay on course and not only acts as a sounding board but an integral part of our ability to stay true to our branding and mission (of which she helped us refine.) If you are willing to put in the work, you will be wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.  Every small business should have a Nadra! Thank you Nadra for giving us the tools to believe in ourselves and realize our potential!”


“When I heard that Nadra was offering business and personal coaching, I couldn’t wait to sign up!  The timing couldn’t have been better as I had been floundering:   I loved my 7 year photography business, but I wanted it to be so much more … more fulfilling, more happy, more in line with my lifestyle …  and I couldn’t figure out how to get there.Enter Nadra.  I shared my thoughts, objectives and dreams.  We talked about my obstacles, my comfort zone and my challenges.  All of which seemed insurmountable to me, but not to Nadra.  She helped me navigate my way through a total business transition in a matter of months, and I couldn’t be happier!  Not only that, I’m attracting clients I thought were well beyond my reach, and booked my first “dream” client within 4 months of starting my time with her.I’ve known Nadra for years.  I’ve admired her business acumen and have respected her ability to share her knowledge in a friendly, easy, yet completely understandable way.   She has a way of making something so very simple out of something that seems quite complicated.  She can streamline a process in a thoughtful and practical way, and got me moving in a direction that was, yes, out of my comfort zone, but made it fairly painless.Nadra is my cheerleader, my confidante, and my sounding board.  I’m so excited about the direction my business has taken.  It is now what I wanted it to be then … a business that makes me very very happy.

Nadra is the reason I’m here now and not later.”


“I did a series of coaching calls (and in person meetings) with Nadra and was blown away by both the depth of her knowledge and generosity. She has been shooting professionally for many many years (at the risk of making her sound old!) and she has resources and ideas that only come from running a business for many years and trouble shooting it from many directions. Nadra is no flash-in-the-pan newcomer, turning around a singular success and trying to adapt her patented solution to every person. She carefully evaluates your own personal situation and with precision, offers ideas tailored to your own needs. I know this for a fact as my own professional situation took a 180 degree turn during the time that we worked together and Nadra’s advice and guidance shifted along with mine. She is priceless.I consider myself a competitor of hers, serving the same markets and not once did I sense any holding back of information. At one time, we were even competing for the same client and she gave me spot-on advice on how to appeal to them. This blew my mind! She helped me win a client that she was also working on! Who does that?On top of the professional advice, Nadra also is great at meeting insecurities and fears head-on. She is quick to discount negative self-talk and can bolster up even the most timid.I highly recommend any services Nadra is offering. She is a true compassionate generous professional!”