Erin & John | Industrial Historic Mill Wedding58 Fore The Portland Company, Portland, Maine

John and Erin met at work. John thought Erin was cute. Erin thought John talked too fast. John had recently moved to Boston to work on a large project in Cambridge, and Erin was on her first big project in the Boston area, too. Over the next few years, they became friends — soon, they were close friends. During this time, John was planning to move to Germany to work on a partner project, for an undetermined amount of time — potentially, for several years. Before John left for Germany, they spent more and more time together. John’s flirting became more blatant, but Erin never took it seriously. After all, they both knew he was moving to another country! After one last day of hanging out, an extra long hug, and a meaningful look, John departed for Europe.
While John was in Germany, they texted, Skyped and emailed every day. There is a 6 hour time difference between Cambridge, MA and Stuttgart, Germany. Erin would look for the blinking light on her phone when she woke up, to see if John texted. John would fall asleep waiting for Erin to write back. This whole time, Erin made it clear to inquiring friends and family that they were just friends. But meanwhile, John told one of his close friends that he was going to marry the girl he left behind.
In March of the following year, they met up with a mutual friend in Iceland for a whirlwind 4-day trip exploring the island. Erin fell in love with both Iceland and John on that trip. Or, maybe it was that she had always loved John, but it was Iceland that finally made her realize it. Thankfully, Erin would learn from John on that trip that John’s Germany project was delayed, and he would be coming back to Boston.
From the moment John landed back in Boston, they were inseparable. On their first official date one week later, Erin finally knew what John had known long before — they were going to be married.

To Erin and John, thank you for touching our hearts and giving us such lasting and meaningful impressions of your wedding — we hope these images will always bring you back to the feeling you felt on the day you became husband and wife.



Photographer: Leigh Doran and Eva Thornton Venue: 58 Fore, The Portland Company Event Planning & Design: Jessica Pachuta, Let There Be Love Catering: Fire and Co. Floral Design: Broadturn Farms Cake Artist and Desserts: Bam Bam Bakery and The Holy Donut Officiant: Captain Ken Barnes Entertainment: Double Platinum DJ Bridal Gown: Ceremony Boston Rings: Bario Neal Hair & Makeup: O2 Salon Invitations: The bride